Monday, July 31, 2017

7/31 Money Monday

Received a rebate check and put it in savings.  It was just $5.69, but every little bit adds up.  College books are expensive!

Target is doing away with the Perks program, which makes me sad.  I love shopping for free!  I had a $10 off $10 grocery purchase sitting in my account.  I used it to buy Annie's mac & cheese, which was on sale for $1/box.  I prefer real cheese over powder, but my daughter likes the powder stuff.  Annie's is our compromise.  Ten boxes for free?  Yes, please.

Scored 12 uni-ball gel pens from Office Depot for $1.13.  Gel pens are the preferred ink around here, so everyone was thrilled with that find.  I also picked up some cheap barrel pens.  My oldest says he always keeps a few in his backpack.  He uses gels, but if someone asks to borrow a pen, he hands them a cheap one 'so my good ones don't walk away'.  Smart kid!

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