Monday, June 5, 2017

6/5 Money Monday

We've been on vacation, which was very nice.  I emptied the $5 tin and took that cash to use for dinner out one night on our trip.  It was a tidy little sum already this year.  In fact, it was enough for the dinner out including tip, tips at the kennel today, AND some bills going back into the tin.  And it was all $5 bills that weren't missed in regular life.

While on vacation, we had a full kitchen, so we could eat as many meals 'at home' as possible.  We shopped at Kroger, which is no longer in my area.  They had signs up all over the store with sale prices, but the sales were 'with a Kroger card' that I, of course, do not have.  However, at check out the clerk asked 'do you have a card?' and I replied with the magic words 'no, I'm from out of state' and we got the sale prices.  I have found in touristy areas that those words will get the cashier to push an override button and give you the sales without the card.  Not always, but often enough that it's worth a try.  In this instance it saved us almost $25.

With the above said, we were on vacation and did do some splurging. haha  That's why I save as much as I can where and when I can, so when we want to splurge it won't break the bank.  Lemonade is $4? GAH!  Sure, we'll take five because....vacation. ;)

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