Monday, July 31, 2017

7/31 Money Monday

Received a rebate check and put it in savings.  It was just $5.69, but every little bit adds up.  College books are expensive!

Target is doing away with the Perks program, which makes me sad.  I love shopping for free!  I had a $10 off $10 grocery purchase sitting in my account.  I used it to buy Annie's mac & cheese, which was on sale for $1/box.  I prefer real cheese over powder, but my daughter likes the powder stuff.  Annie's is our compromise.  Ten boxes for free?  Yes, please.

Scored 12 uni-ball gel pens from Office Depot for $1.13.  Gel pens are the preferred ink around here, so everyone was thrilled with that find.  I also picked up some cheap barrel pens.  My oldest says he always keeps a few in his backpack.  He uses gels, but if someone asks to borrow a pen, he hands them a cheap one 'so my good ones don't walk away'.  Smart kid!

Monday, July 24, 2017

7/17 Money Monday

I received my check from Checkout51.  $22.70 added to the savings account.

I was at Target and strolled through the men's clearance section.  I found a pair of jeans for my son for $7.48.  Score!  Sadly, only the one pair and none for my other son, but men's jeans for under $8, I'm in.

I also found clearanced Dove chocolate squares.  And used the 25% off coupon.  AND there was a Cartwheel on Dove.  So, really cheap chocolate, especially for Dove.  The bag is the 'red/white/blue 4th of July' wrappers, but not one person in this house cares one little bit about that.  Chocolate is chocolate no matter how it's dressed.

Monday, July 10, 2017

7/10 Money Monday

I received my check from Shop at Home.  $23.53 added to the savings account.

My Ibotta account had a balance of $20+ after last week's rebates went in.  You can only cash out when your account is $20, so I took out $20 and left the rest as a head start on the next cash out.  That goes to our Paypal account.

My son's laptop died.  I had a coupon for a free diagnostic at Office Depot.  It's the hard drive and was going to be $310 to fix it.  No, thank you.  My husband went on eBay to buy a new hard drive that he will install himself.  After eBay bucks sitting in the account from a previous purchase and $20 in Paypal from Ibotta, the new hard drive was under $10 cash out of pocket.  That is a MUCH better price.

Our AC unit also died.  Specifically the capacitor died on July 4th.  I was planning on a huge bill.  I wasn't happy about that, but it's HOT here and no AC was a NO go zone.  When the repair guy came, he called the company and verified that the part was still under warrant so the repair cost was under $200. Yay!  Not cheap, but cheaper than planned, and considered a necessary splurge right now.

I cashed in some MyPoints points for Barnes and Noble GCs, which I used to purchase a book for my daughter's birthday.  I love shopping for free!

Monday, July 3, 2017

7/3 Money Monday

We have a bin in the kitchen that all loose change goes into.  Every couple of months I take it to the bank and cash it in.  I deposited $16.58 this time.  All those coins add up!  This money goes into our savings account and usually is right around $100 each year.  Better in the bank than in a drawer, I think.

I purchased two items that had 'Try Me FREE' rebates on them.  I made sure to check them out separately so I received two receipts.  I filled out the forms as soon as I got home, stamped the envelopes, and put them in the mailbox.  In my experience, that is the key to rebates work -- fill out the form and mail it in ASAP.