Monday, June 26, 2017

6/26 Money Monday

We received a bill from my son's doctor.  There was a charge that I thought was wrong.  I called the office and they took that charge off the bill.  It wasn't a big charge, but every bit counts.  Yes, we have good insurance, but I don't think my insurance company should have to pay for an erroneous charge either.

When at Target I always check the clearance end caps.  This time I found a Toblerone bar for $1.  My eldest loves Toblerone so I picked it up for him.  'No reason, just love you' gifts don't have to be big or expensive.  He was happy with his candy bar and I was happy to get it for 1/3 retail.

Friday, June 23, 2017

6/23 Firsts and Finals

* L'Oreal Boost It Air-blown Texture Mist  This stuff is amazing!  It pops my waves into a cute 'I meant it' messy beachy look, BUT doesn't make my hair feel gross or crunchy.
*NYX Gotcha Covered concealer  This is thick.  If you want a FULL coverage concealer, this is a good cheap choice.  For me, it was too much.

*bareMinerals Skinlongevity This is a serum that absorbs into skin instantly.  I liked it, but didn't love it more than others that are at a cheaper price point.

*Boost It

* NYX concealer

Monday, June 19, 2017

6/19 Money Monday

The van repair is complete.  Yikes!  Gotta buckle down and get that savings account back up!

With a combo of sale price, Target Cartwheel, manufacturer's coupons, and Ibotta rebate, I bought 4 boxes of a Big Brand cereal for $1/box.  I rarely buy Big Brand anything because I hate paying that price, but this price was even cheaper than Aldi.  I also bought each of the kids and hubby a Snickers bar for 18 cents for all 4.  Spoiling for cheap?  I'm in!

Friday, June 16, 2017

6/16 Firsts and Finals

* Schwarzkopf essence ultime diamond color & radiance shampoo  This is a new favorite.  My hair was puffy and soft for days.

* Dr Teal's Foaming Bath with Epsom salt Soothe & Sleep  I love this stuff and have already ordered a replacement.  It's so soothing!

* Schwarzkopf shampoo, Dr Teal's bubble bath

Monday, June 12, 2017

6/12 Money Monday

So, we came back from vacation and the AC in my van had retired.  That's why I save, so we have a savings account when big stuff happens.  I'm not happy about spending the cash, but I'm happy it's in the bank.

I deposited a small rebate check.  Every little bit helps.  It did make me chuckle sadly that I was depositing $3 when being told the van repair would be $1800.  But Save the Bits! lol

Friday, June 9, 2017

6/9 Firsts and Finals

*Shea Moisture Kukui Youth-Infusing Face & Neck Creme  As a moisturizer, it was okay.  It is a 'creme', so it's a little thick for day use for me.

*elf smudge pot in Cruisin' Chic  Love this as a basic cream shadow that doubles as an eye primer.  Definitely will replace.
*Essence gel liner  This is a cheap, but very good gel liner.  I'll be replacing.
*Juice Organics volumizing shampoo  There was definitely some added volume and my hair was so soft!  Unfortunately, this smells like over-ripened fruit. blech

*elf pot, Essence liner

* Juice shampoo

Monday, June 5, 2017

6/5 Money Monday

We've been on vacation, which was very nice.  I emptied the $5 tin and took that cash to use for dinner out one night on our trip.  It was a tidy little sum already this year.  In fact, it was enough for the dinner out including tip, tips at the kennel today, AND some bills going back into the tin.  And it was all $5 bills that weren't missed in regular life.

While on vacation, we had a full kitchen, so we could eat as many meals 'at home' as possible.  We shopped at Kroger, which is no longer in my area.  They had signs up all over the store with sale prices, but the sales were 'with a Kroger card' that I, of course, do not have.  However, at check out the clerk asked 'do you have a card?' and I replied with the magic words 'no, I'm from out of state' and we got the sale prices.  I have found in touristy areas that those words will get the cashier to push an override button and give you the sales without the card.  Not always, but often enough that it's worth a try.  In this instance it saved us almost $25.

With the above said, we were on vacation and did do some splurging. haha  That's why I save as much as I can where and when I can, so when we want to splurge it won't break the bank.  Lemonade is $4? GAH!  Sure, we'll take five because....vacation. ;)